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I have a 98 Deville and it's starting to leak oil pretty regularly now. I bought the car last August and noticed I was having to add about 1-2 quarts every 3-4 weeks, but there was no leaking visible. I did take the car to be checked out after purchasing it and the mechanic said he noticed a leak ... wasn't leaving any trails/drips though. Now it is (puddles everyday).

He told me that he'd have to drop the pan and remove some other pan above that one. Any idea what he's referring to and how much this may cost me? That OIL LEAK additive definitely does not work. I started using 5W-30 to slow the leak down ... haven't noticed a decrease yet. Also, car leaves a puff of white smoke when I mash the gas or am cruising on the highway and idle then accelerate, but there is no constant smoking.

I do know that one of my mufflers needs replaced ... was thinking that may be part of the cause, but I'm thinking white smoke means burning oil. Head gasket is fine and car runs great (plenty of power).

I'm also getting an annoying and loud creaking sound from the middle left side of the car (towards the firewall). The car steers fine and isn't leaking/excessively using PSF so I'm hoping it's not the rack & pinion. Could it just be that something needs lubed?

Your great expertise would be appreciated. This site has saved me tons of money on repairs, but don't think I can tackle this one on my own. Especially not with just a Haynes manual. I am very mechanically inclined, so if it's not too hard - I'll give it a go.




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Not sure of the exact cost, but it will be LOTS. He's gonna have to drop the drivetrain in order to remove the pan. I'm guessing the other "pan" he is talking about is the half case. The crankcase is split at the crankshaft center line and the lower half is a one piece main bearing cap so to speak. I would guess you're probably looking at somewhere around $2000.

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He is talking about the case half leak. The engine must be removed to repair this leak. 5W30 is too thin, try Delvac or Rotella 15W40 and see if that slows it down, it may. This is quite a big job.

Explain when the creaking sound occurs, on turns, on bumps, etc....

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the creaking sound mainly occurs when i'm turning. especially when parking or at low speeds. it will creak & thunk when i'm parked and i turn the wheel back & forth. it also makes a rattling sound when i go over bumps, like something is loose. i was thinking strut mounts, but i'm guessing it has something to do with the rack? there's not a lot of play in the steering, but the suspension doesn't feel very tight like most cars should feel.

as for the oil leak ... will it get any worse and possibly cause major engine damage if not fixed soon, or can i just get away with keeping up on adding oil for now? i had read a thread (forget the names) about a guy whose daughter's '96 deville was leaking oil (way worse than mine) and someone mentioned that half cases generally do not leak much oil. i did get a new tranny in this last year ... surprised they didn't catch it.

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