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Hello Guys,

Its been a while ! Im having an issue with pcm 440 I replace the gas cap and well the fuel pump went out and it was replaced as well and I'm still getting this code.... The code didnt return until about a week after the fuel pump was replace.. So I thought it was time to ask !

Please Help,


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Once in a while a bad gas cap will do this, but not very often.

Evap system leaks can be very hard to find. You often need a smoke machine to find the leak. Could be a bad Evap solenoid.

From the manual:

The PCM tests the EVAP system for the following conditions:

• Large and small leaks (P0440 and P0442)

• Excess vacuum (P0446)

• Purge flow during non-commanded conditions (P1441)

• Fuel Pressure sensor and Fuel Level sensor faults (P0452, P0453, P0461, P0462 and P0463)

• EVAP Purge and Vent Valve faults (P1645 and P1646)

The PCM monitors the amount of vacuum in the EVAP system by monitoring the Fuel Tank Pressure sensor. For this DTC the PCM turns ON both the EVAP Purge Valve and the EVAP Vent Valve when the Conditions for Running the DTC are met. This applies an engine vacuum to a closed EVAP system. This test checks whether a vacuum can develop in the EVAP system. Failure to develop a vacuum may result from a large leak or from a restriction. This DTC will set after two consecutive failures of the above test.

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Is this the right part?

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