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your old problem ...

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"Put the CTS up on the jack and jack stands and re-tightened one cat-back pipe connecting sleeve. I have one sleeve that comes loose every several months; the symptom

is that the exhaust gets a slightly higher tone. I need to have it welded, or perhaps replace this sleeve, or add in some locktite"


bruce ...

i know that this an old post, but ...

why not, double nut it, and lock one against the other ???

and, i like to use brass nuts on exhaust parts, like on the English cars that i have owned ... if i ever, work on American cars exhaust, i go out of my way, to replace with brass ...

i once, search all the local parts stores for what i needed for a gm 350 eng., only to end up finding/buying what i needed from a hardware store ... 9/16th. toilet hold down bolts ...

From, Lane


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During one re-tightening I overtorqued the nut and broke the bolt. Corsa was kind enough to send me a replacement Torca clamp. I am not clear on what the exact dynamic was but it is possible that due to an error during install the clamp was not torqued properly initially or that the bolt got weakened at that time and never had a chance to clamp properly afterward. I do note that while waiting for a replacement clamp the pipe stayed on just as well press-fit sleeved over the resonator (with no bolt on the clamp).


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