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98 ETC Top Radiator Hose Fitting

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I just had the top radiator hose in my 98 ETC replaced - and I looked at the job they did. It is clamped at each end to the radiator and water outlet, but there's no place where its secured in the middle as it makes its way horizontally across the top edge of the radiator.

It moves freely there - and, I can't see any place where it looks like it could be secured - is that the way it was done originally, or did the tech leave off a part? He forgot to fill the coolant and I got it back from them with the "coolant needed" light all lit up - and one of the plastic friction thingies that hold down the plastic shroud was stripped and just sort of sitting in its hole without holding anything, so you can pick up the shroud - so I don't much trust the rest of the job he did.

I've seen many other radiator hoses that had no other secure point - but this one is so long and moves about so freely, it seems like the movement would cause wear at each clamp point - and therefore, seems like it could use something securing it in the middle.


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I just checked my '97 Seville, which should be next to identical to your '98 Eldorado. My upper hose also doesn't have any securing straps, and it's never been replaced so I know that's the way it came from the factory. Having said that, there is a small "ledge" above the driver's side cooling fan that supports that end of the hose, where it makes the 90 degree bend towards the engine. Other than that, it's pretty flexible, but doesn't go anywhere.

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On a '98 Seville, that hose is supported by a ledge molded into the bottom surface of what you called the shroud.

You should be able to reach under there directly behind the hood latch support and feel it (if the Eldo. is the same).

Believe me, that hose can contact the water pump drive belt!!


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