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Information Display Number?? HELP please!!!


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Hey guys another question as i just bought my 1994 STS a few weeks ago.. ever since i got it i get a 42 on the information display and a 24 i believe it is.. but it just says apply brake to shift then it says the number the apply break to shift then 24 i believe but the 24 usualy only comes on when the trunk is open?? can anyone help me out with his... and also for the 1994 how to i clear all the codes from the history??

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To read your codes, hold down the off and warmer buttons until the display resets. It will then cycle through and show your codes.

To clear your codes, when it says PCM? Hit the Up button for yes, then the Down button for no until it says Clear Codes? Hit up for yes, and it will clear the PCM codes.

WARNING: I'm a total car newbie, don't be surprised if I ask a stupid question! Just trying to learn.


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They sound like export IPC codes.

Are you in Canada?

Yes i am from Canada.

What is an export IPC code? when i run through the codes it doesnt show any codes except for a few history which were there before i got the car..

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Ahhh. Export codes. Code 24 will display for trunk open. Currently cannot find 48..

I can understand export configurations...if you are in Japan or the middle east.

But Canada?

I personally would suggest changing the IPC configuration to the US spec. It can be done pushing some buttons, but if you mess up the programming, you can loose the IPC.

We can provide the IPC programming steps. What do u want to do?

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