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Proper way to recharge a/c?

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As the spring progresses, I'm planning on recharging my a/c, as it wasn't as cold as it should have been last summer. I had a new compressor put in a few years ago, and have added refrigerant via "walmart r134-a refill can" at some point (or points) in the past years. I now know the importance of using manifold gauges, and won't be repeating my "add-a-bottle" of refrigerant again!

Without a doubt, I now realize there is FAR too much oil in the system. What is the correct way to remove the oil, and properly recharge the system? I know I need to draw a heavy vacuum on the system to remove all the gas, but is there a method of "flushing" oil from the entire (or most of) the a/c system?

Thanks for the help!


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Did you add any oil to the system? If you added some oil when the compressor was replaced, there is a specific procedure in the shop manual for determining the correct amount of oil to the system.

The only way to remove the oil is to recover the refrigerant remove the compressor, drain the compressor, remove and drain the accumulator, flush the lines with A/C flush, dry, add the proper quantity of oil, reassemble everything with new o-rings, then evacuate and recharge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant.

You might just be low on refrigerant or you may be overcharged. You need to get a set of gages on there and see what's going on with the system.

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