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Driving from South Carolina..Some Issues

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Well, drove the car 150 miles tonight, still giving me codes, and now the cruise control doesnt work... For sure now I am leading towards wiring issues.. I have definetly disturbed something for sure...

Go and BUY Electrical Contact Cleaner, and spray ALL if the connectors you took apart and let me repeat do not use any kind of sand paper, files, etc on the connectors it can make things worse, the only think you should use is a nylon detail brush with the cleaner. Green corrosion will cause fits, Mike

ok, got plenty of contact cleaner.... re cleaned and sprayed all the connections... I also tested voltages again, all seemed ok... I then turned on the car, code city, pco101 = mass air performance usual po122 and pc1122 along with dumb IP codes etc... took it all appart, bent the pins slightly back to cause pressure re-sprayed, started car, no codes, road test seemed well cruise control is back and working.. So I am thinking that obviously the connections have to be an issue... Now how do you gain access to the PCM in the air box, I want to clean them contact as well... ?

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I understand your curiosity, but if I were you I would leave well enough alone, if you seem to be ok, the PCM is pretty well protected from moisture. But if you insist, on my 96, the entire black PCM housing is snapped into the body of the the car and if you lift it up, it will pull out, I do not believe (if I recall correctly), that the air box is screwed in any where, it just lifts. Good Job, sticking with this problem

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Well Mike, I drove the car 80 miles tonight, with at least a dozen turn off and on's... No codes no fits! I dont want to get too excited as tommarow is another day. But as for tonight all is well.. I guess that proves that obviously its a wiring issue not a bad PCM or anything horrible. Now I want to just disconnect everything and clean all contacts possible, But I will hold back and simmer and leave well enough alone like you said. I will let you know how it all works out tomarrow!


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