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Repair Leaking Oil Pan


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I used QuikSteel™ Epoxy Putty the over the weekend on a leaking oil pan. So far, it looks to be working--but I will try to check the pan this weekend and report the results. I used one full tube to seal the front and around to right side. I removed the oil filter and then clean oil and grime from the pan where the epoxy was to be applied. I used a small wire brush, brake cleaner and paper towels. I didn't sand/roughen the surface, which is probably advisable but the report to date is the epoxy is working.

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We sealed a hole in the oil pan of a 93 Taurus that was caused by a rock (supposedly <_< women drivers <_< ) with some JB Weld... which seems like the same type of thing that you used, and the pan never leaked again, but we cleaned and roughed the surface rather well.

Good luck with the repair.


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