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power window won't go down!


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Hi there, Ive been surfing this forum for a few months but just finally joined! I have a 97 Eldorado ETC 130K. My driver's side window broke on me...rolled up but wouldn't roll down. I pulled the panel off, checked the motor (I disconected it from the actuator while it was still plugged in [electrically] and it went up...not down....I got another motor from the junk yard...same thing). The motor is fine....something in the switch. None of the local junk yards in Denver here have an Eldorado switch....any advice on how to repair the broken one? This is driving me nuts! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

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Looking at the 1997 FSM page 8A-120-2, it looks like the switch is actually two switches, and that the polarity of the 12 Volts is reversed to move the window down. The switches ground both sides of the motor when not pushed, but pusing them one way or the other connects the up and down terminals to the 12 Volts feed. The bad connection could be in the ground side of the Down switch or the hot side of the Up switch.

Knowing this, I would use an Ohmmeter to check the switch before I did anything. If the switch checks good, I would reconnect it and look at the voltage on the brown wire when I press the Up position on the switch; it should go to 12 Volts, and perhaps stay there for a few seconds when the Express Down module kicks in. Also, the dark blue wire should remain at 0 Volts or perhaps just a few tenths of a volt when the Up switch is pushed. If not, the switch is bad.

I find that these people carry the Window Switch - Left for the 1997 Eldorado:

<a href="http://www.newcadillacparts.com/cadillacparts.htm" target="_blank">http://www.newcadillacparts.com/cadillacparts.htm</a>

They sell it for $51.86, apparently because it has both window switches and the express down module, and a dimmable light bulb in it. The right hand switch just has the double switch and light bulb in it and goes for $12.36.

These guys are just good Cadillac dealers with a parts ordering catalog online. Your local dealer will be able to get this part. List price is $69.14. It's name is "Window Switch - Left" and they should be able to bring it up using your VIN and looking under Door, Glass and Hardware, or by doing a search on "Window Switch."

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Hell yeah man...thanks so much. I can't wait to get off now to try this. I really do appreciate your quick response....I'll let you know what happens

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