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Review of "No Touch" "Wet'N'Protect" Tire Finish

Bruce Nunnally

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I have loaded the review here: http://drupal.caddyinfo.com/?q=node/48

I have been working with some Meguiar's cleaning and detailing products recently for my paint and interior, but I did not have any tire treatment. I prefer that really black look to the tires on a clean car. Especially with my light platinum Cadillac CTS, a really black tire sets off the paint well.

My local Sam's Club had a 4-can kit of "No Touch" Wet'N'Protect. The package comes with 3 cans of Wet'N'Protect "Wet Tire finish", and 1 can of "All Wheel Care". Each can is 15 oz, approximately 10" tall; they are aerosol cans. The 4 cans together in the kit were under $10.


The instructions on the Wet'N'Protect are: lightly spray on clean, dry tires. Allow 15 minutes to penetrate and dry before driving. No wiping needed.

The photo shows one of my CTS tires after application of the product. I am very happy with the appearance of the tire, and the ease of use of the product. The question now is how long the appearance will last, so I'll keep an eye on that and follow-up. So far, I feel that the "Wet'N'Protect" product works as described, and I am happy with the results.

The photo below was taken after driving the CTS, with the car in the garage.

The "Wet'N'Protect" has previously been applied to the tire for the first time, and you can see that the tire has a very black, shiny appearance.




2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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This week we had a Texas rain storm / deluge early in the week. Here is a shot of the tire with the Wet'N'Protect after 5 days, Sunday - Friday:


Although it is noticeably less bright and shiney than the "before" pictures, it does still have an attractive appearance.

I re-applied the product as part of my CTS clean-up Friday night:


Each can appears to have several full-set applications worth of tire treatment.

I applied the treatment by slowly spraying the Wet'N'Protect all the way around each tire twice, then moving to the next tire.

I apply in a ventilated area, and I hold my breath during product application just to minimize the amount inhaled. Never hurts to be safe.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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Woah! Don't brush your pants leg up against that puppy! :)

I like Michelin tires, as the sidewalls already have a satiny, almost metallic, finish to them when dry.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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