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67 cadillac hearse

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so drivin home today i saw a 1967 hearse and had to stop to look at it. i talked to the owner over the phone and he said "its turns over but she don't start." i know i can get the car for farily cheap but the rear wires in the back for the tail lights and such are all hanging down.... so my question is what size of engie would be in the car and does anyone hace a diagram for the wires? i do only really intend on using the car for haloween so i dont want to HUGE of a project

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welll i just had to have it so i baught it 1967 hearse with the 429 its in kinda ruff shape but for the price $600 how can i go wrong?

Sounds to me like a $600 yard ornament. ;):P:D:lol: I know what you mean about having to have one, I went through that phase, But the older I get the more I shy away from them. :huh::rolleyes:

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well ITS ALIVE.... kinda. I put some new plugs wires and cap on it and she fired right up it seems to run really good except there some blow by. gonna keep plugin away at it tomorw let it run some more and see if it gets better. any body have any tips for this type of situation? the car did sit for 2 or 3 yeras without running. pics soon to come

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Coming from much experience and the problems that arise from letting them sit. Change all fluids and ESPECIALLY clean your gas tank out and fill it with fresh fuel. I ruined a set of heads on my old Ford by using the old gas and it locked up my valves with sludge. Check your rubber brake lines and make sure they are not cracked. After doing the work...take it easy on it and drive just around locally to see if some other problems pop up. Love the older stuff....my passion.

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