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05 STS V-8 AWD

Va Maddog

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I took the plunge this past week and upgraded from my 95 SLS to an 05 STS V-8 AWD. I remain happy with the 95 and will keep it as a third vehicle for my sons to use.

My overall reaction to the 05 STS is WOW! This is an awsome car in so many ways. I bought the car as a lease turn in so I am the second owner. The lease was held by a corporation in Micihgan so I'm guessing that the car was assigned to a sales executive as it had a lot of highway miles on it for a 24 month lease vehicle. It was well cared for and a non-smoker.

I like so many things about the car that it is hard to narrow down my favorites but I think that they would include; the quietness and lack of wind noise, the fantastic Bose 5.1 surround sound system and the high tech features such as the Navigation system, the Intellibeam automatic xenon headlights and the rainsense automatic wipers.

The Northstar V-8 remains a great engine and the magnetic ride control on the AWD along with the zf steering make for an very pleasing ride that also turns sporty when you need it to be.

My car is the Dark blue metallic (Blue Chip) with the Cashmere Tuscany interior. It is a sharp combination and I have been surprised by the number of compliments from strangers that I have received in such a short time.

The optioned out 05 AWD versions really spoil a person. Mine has every option except for the adaptive cruise control and the high-performance summer radials.

On the 600 mile drive home I averaged about 23-24 mpg at @70 mph with the air on. That is about 3 less than my 95 SLS, but the rear end is higher on this car plus it is a few hundred pounds heavier as an AWD. I ran both premium and mid-grade and saw no difference in mpg or performance so I plan to stay with the less expensive mid-grade. The new STS is definately a lot quicker than the 95 yet is seems so much smoother and quieter while it is getting the job done.

So far in about 300 miles of mixed driving around town I have gotten between 19-21 mpg, which is better than the 95 was around town.

I am going to love this car, after only a few days I'm already looking for reasons to take it for a drive. There are some great deals available out there on 24 month lease turn in STS's now. Many can be picked up for the low 30's. I did even better than that. I love buying an awsome car that someone else ate the majority of the initial depreciation on.

I have purchased both of my Caddies via EBay auctions and have had good luck thus far. It takes patience, some careful homework and a willingness to take a little risk being prepared to walk away from the deal if the seller was not straight about the condition of the car. Mine came with an almost new set of 18" Michelins and new brake pads all the way around so I was happy to see that.

This is an awsome car and I am very impressed with it thus far.

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