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  1. Yes it is a pricy part. The dog bones are not as bad, but you end up spending over $225 just for the parts if you replace all three which I would recommend to anyone dong this. My 95 SLS was making more of a metalic sound which turned out to be the exhaust hitting the frame as the engine flexed too much due to the bad mounts. All three, the lower mpount and the two dog bones on mine were visually damaged with the rubber blocks cracked and separating, etc. It is an expensive fix but it has to be done when they are shot as not replacing them will just lead to more problem,s and more expe
  2. I have not done any trouble shooting yet. If you know can you tell me where that connector located? Follow the wire that comes off the level sensor to the plug, the level sensor connects to the lower control arm via a rod and it has an arm on it that reads changes in wheel movement. I found that on both sides the small connecting rod was attached to the lower control arm but was dangling loose and not inserted into the boot on the level sensor unit arm. How they both came out is a mystery although my son did have to call AAA for a flat tire change this summer and they may have li
  3. I have not done any trouble shooting yet. If you know can you tell me where that connector located?
  4. Any advice on trouble shooting the above code? (S061 Right Front Position Sensor Fault - Current) 95 SLS. There is also a S044 code in history - Lift or Dive signal fault. I have not noticed any actual suspension performance problems, but the service suspension system warning message has been present for several weeks. I just now got around to checking the codes.
  5. Has anyone had any success trying to clean the inside of the lens? The headlight lenses on my wife's 2000 Olds van are cloudy on the inside - ugh.
  6. The biggest factor in fuel mileage between the two is most likely caused by the taller axle ratio in the 07. That really impacts engine revs at hwy speed and is worth at least 2-4 mpg in these cars. Same difference between the older STS and SLS. Nearly identical engine and weight, different axle ratio. An SLS will routinely get 2-4 mpg better than an STS driven in the same manner.
  7. My new (used) 05 STS has the 18" polished aluminum wheels. They have not been kept especially clean so my first question for you is what products and procedures seem to work best for cleaning off accumulated brake pad grime. These wheels have the small screw holes around them and they are going to be especially hard to clean out. My second question is regarding several small but noticable scrapes and gouges in the rims, probably from brushing up against curbs, etc. Is there a home mechanics way to buff those out? Any success stories would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I just purchsaed an 05 STS and want to pick up the service manuals set. I see ads for the hard copy three volume manual set on Ebay for around $85 plus shipping. Someone else was offering an "official" GM DVD service manul set for about $50. I have not seen that before and was leaning towards the hard copy version but thought that I would ask to see if any of you have purchased either. I am only interested in the genuine GM versions, not any third party service manuals.
  9. I took the plunge this past week and upgraded from my 95 SLS to an 05 STS V-8 AWD. I remain happy with the 95 and will keep it as a third vehicle for my sons to use. My overall reaction to the 05 STS is WOW! This is an awsome car in so many ways. I bought the car as a lease turn in so I am the second owner. The lease was held by a corporation in Micihgan so I'm guessing that the car was assigned to a sales executive as it had a lot of highway miles on it for a 24 month lease vehicle. It was well cared for and a non-smoker. I like so many things about the car that it is hard to narro
  10. Two days ago I got under the car and attempted to install the new part. Unfortunately due to the tight quarters around the switch I could not get the wire to unlatch from the switch, so I gave up and tightened it up again. I figured that I would have it changed out during my next oil change when it would be up on a hoist. To my surprise it has started to work properly again. I am no longer getting a false reading that the oil level is low. I guess that I freed up something that was binding or stuck or I corrected a poor connection with my fiddling around. At any rate it is now working a
  11. Thanks to everyone for the replies. That picture is very helpful. I guess that I just can't see it from the top or from laying on the floor without the car elevated. Once I can raise the front end and get under the car it looks like it will be easy to see and work with even though the space is limited. Wouldn't it be great if there was a place down the road where you could rent the use of a hoist by the hour, or with a built-in mechanics pit that you could drive over and then work on the car. Oh well. maybe I should design that into my next home that I'll build after I win the big lot
  12. I feel a bit foolish asking this, but I know that some of you here have replaced your oil level sensor switches. I have a new one, figured that it would be a 30 minute job to change it out and then could not find the darn thing on the block or pan. Can those of you who have done this please tell me where it is on the engine and how you got access to it, i.e. from above or did you put the car up on jack stands, etc. Thanks!
  13. With the current exchange rate is that about $7,000 US? If so, I think that is high. It is possible to find cars similar to this in the US for much less, especially in Florida and Arizona where the older folks tend to retire.
  14. The top inside edge of my drivers door armrest has a split in the vinyl right near the embossed seam. I have tried twice to repair it, each time it seems to work well but then a few months later the seam opens up again. It is about a two inch long split right now. Has anyone come across a good product that works well for this type of vinyl repair? It has to be something that stands up to a fair amount of movement since this portion of the drivers door armrest will flex slightly each time that the door is pulled closed. I hate to think that I have to go to the extream of trying to find a
  15. Jason - I do think that you are fortunate to have an SLS that is a little more efficient than some others. Best mpg I have seen is 28-29 on a long interstate trip with the A/C on running about 70 mph. I was happy with that. This past week I had a 600 mile round trip mostly highway driving but some traffic issues - mpg was about 24-25 and that is without much aggressive acceleration. Around town it is between 15 and 18 on a tank full - lots of 5 to 10 mile trips. The higher final drive ratio on the STS seems to knock down the mpg for everyone by about 3-5 less than an SLS. Mike.
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