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Window motor regulator assembly


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Has anyone seen these go bad? I had mine break apart (one of the plastic wheels broke). So I called up the dealer and they want $700 for the assembly?!?!?! wtf... I can't find one anywhere, no wreckers, no ebay... Just crazy....

The motor is fine.. its just the assembly wires got all mangled and there is no fixing the plastic piece that broke...

This is the assembly I'm talking about if you are unsure...


Does anyone have one from a car that they might be parting out? Or suggestions where to find one at a reasonable price? This is for a 99 seville.

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mine broke on my 98 sts last fall , i replaced it myself about a month ago (front passenger) part # 25649704. Bought it from the dealer for 362.15. The cables came off the pulley and became garbled. Call the dealer with that part # if you still dont want to pay that for a new one i will sell you my old one, if you can use the parts. If it's just one plastic wheel i could part you out that by itself if i can take it apart.

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Those regulators with the cables and pulleys are JUNK... I don't remember hearing about regulators failing when they had the scissors type design with stampings and the large gear. The design should be improved or the manufacturer should release a reasonably priced repair kit in my opinion. Charging $700 for the whole assembly is just obscene....

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