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Adding blue tooth unit to caddy audio


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Hi all,

I'm trying to help my brother-in-law with this one:

He's got my old '97 Deville that has the basic radio/cassette and no On-Star system.

We are trying to determine the best way to interface a blue tooth cell phone module so he can talk on the phone over the radio speakers ( listen over the speakers and use the microphone provided by the blue tooth system).

From looking at the Helms manual and the connector on the radio, there is an input on the connector for a cell phone signal, but it does not appear that the radio sound can be muted or dropped while a call is taking place. I notice there is a data link to the radio harness for a cell phone module (when installed - I assume with On-Star). I assume this drops the radio signal to the amplifier to connect the phone signal for hands-free talking.

Anyone have any ideas? If he searches for a radio from an On-Star system from a junkyard, would this have the mute function to kill the radio and allow the phone to come over the speakers or does the mute kill all audio in the system?

Any help appreciated. Wanted to ask if someone else has done this before we start connecting anything.



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I have the OnStar system with the car phone. My radio was replaced on warranty at about two years. Its integration with the phone had changed. It still mutes when the phone is turned ON (Send button), but there is another function that mutes the microphone when an incoming voice signal is present which no longer works; it has had a barrel echo sound to phones on the other end ever since. I think the mute function is a signal on the phone pin but don't know for sure. It's clear to me that the repeater muting is part of the radio and is adjustable, and if I find it I will adjust it (after 8 years). I plan to look farther into the phone situation this summer but can't get to it for awhile yet.

My radio is the AM/FM/Cassette/12-CD Changer in the trunk with DSP.

Sorry I don't have anything definitive. If anyone has worked with the integrated phone, please jump in.

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I realize this doesn't address your question directly, but when I sought a cell phone solution for my car I wasn't willing to drill holes in the dash etc.

I simply hang my phone from the rear view mirror (fat rubber band) on long trips and keep a BT ear piece in the center console. Phone calls in either direction are a breeze to make/receive.

My original ear piece was not a convenient thing. Now I use the Motorola H700. Great unit!

It has a folding microphone boom which turns the unit on/off as you fold/unfold the MIC boom. Quick connect too. When my phone rings I simply unfold the boom and place the ear piece where it belongs and say, "hello." My phone has voice recognition, so outgoing calls are equally easy to make.



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