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Need a new starter

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My starter occasionally doesn't work when the engine is hot. I want to replace it with an OEM ACDelco. Looking online, P&G chevy has 2 types, Non Reduction ($87), and Reduction type ($196) - Big difference in price between the two. Which one do I need? Not sure if those prices include the $25 and $45 respective core charges or not.


According to my parts list, the part number I need is #10465100. P&G doesn't list the part # though. Rockauto wants $114 for that reman ACDelco part # plus a $25 core charge. Advance wants $144 plus a $27.50 core for the ACDelco. I'd rather buy a new one and/or local and not have to deal with shipping the core back, but I realize the reman'd ones are more popular and less expensive. I do NOT want another Idiot Zone "lifetime" starter.

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I had the same hot start problem and replaced the starter with a remanufactured one (AC Delco from Advance) two years ago. It came with bad solenoid. As a result it rarely starts from the first atempt. Usually it takes a couple of clicks. Despite it came with lifetime replacement I decided to rather live with it.

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