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plug deposits


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i am in the process of pulling my motor to do the headgaskets. i noticed that the 2 middle plugs look amberish while the 2 end plugs look whitish with flaky deposits. the plugs on the other head are somewhat mismatched too. not as bad as these plugs but also not all identical. i have been checking the plugs for the last several years and have never noticed much difference. i did start getting a cyl misfire code the last few months. maybe the leak got worse? in the picture, the 2 plugs on the left are the "center" plugs while the 2 plugs on the right are the "end plugs".

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The white deposits are possibly coolant combustion products. I had a car with some head leakage many years ago and one of the plugs was greenish. The fact that the white deposits are on the ends may mean that the corner head bolts are the ones that pulled out. Watch for that, and let us know what the combustion chambers look like. Keep us posted.

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