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Hard start in the AM


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Hi guys,

Got a strange one.

My broither-in-law has my old '97 Deville and it has developed a hard start issue first thing in the morning. After this, it cranks fine, but it takes 2 - 3 cranks to get it to start the first time after the car sits and cools off (e.g. overnight).

I checked the fuel pressure reg and no fuel on the nipple. Looks OK.

Any ideas? Could a fuel pump issue be at hand?

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If it will fire up after you cycle the key ON and OFF three or four times at two second intervals (without going to START), the pump or the pump circuitry could be the problem.

I would use a fuel pressure guage to see if the pump is getting the prime pressure to the fuel rail. The pump should run for approximately two seconds at KEY ON.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Pulled the relay and opened the relay cover. Contacts look fine and they pull in when 12V is applied to the coil. Fuse is OK.

As expected, it starts OK since I'm here looking at it. I'll try again after a full overnight cool down.

Thanks for the replies. I forgot about the oil switch kicking in at start-up.

I'll follow up if it occurs again.


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