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Mag Review: 2008 STS

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Nice positive review of the upcoming 08 STS in Automobile Mag:


Has a good explanation of the new blind spot and lane change features.

Eager to show that the company is still a technological innovator, just as itwas in its glory days, the technology blitz continues with a new blind spot warning system and lane departure warning system. Blind spot warning systems are a new technology recently introduced to the North American market with Audi's Q7 and Volvo's new S80 luxury sedan. Cadillac's version is radar-based, like the Audi system, and functions similarly, warning the driver if there's a vehicle in his or her blind spot by illuminating a light on the appropriate side near the window. Cadillac will also be featuring a lane departure warning system on the STS, which uses a camera mounted in the rearview mirror that keeps an eye focused at the lines on a road. If the car crosses over solid or broken lines without using its turn signals, a visible indicator will alert the driver accompanied by an audible chime to warn them. This sort of system has been featured in European and Japanese cars for a number of years, although the signal to the driver is usually conducted through vibrations in the seat. It's surprising that it's only now coming to North America, on an American car no less, and may have more to do with Cadillac's need for competitiveness in the European market, where it is a relative neophyte, than anything else. We are the benefactors just the same, so Cadillac should win some feel good points for being first in our market with this relevant safety technology.


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That's just too much technology for me! I thought my 2.0 stabilitrac was the most advance thing in the world!


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I think that would just be down right irritating after awhile. I wouldn't want it. I don't need my car to tell me everytime I do something wrong.....I have a wife for that :lol::lol::lol:

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