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  1. I have some problems with my dimming mirrors. My inside one is constantly dimmed and my outside one is...well...broken; I think. It looks as if there is black fluid just pooled on the bottom half of the mirror. I'm guessing I need a replacement, but I don't really need the outside one to be dimmed, because let's just face it, the mirrors on the early 90's caddy's were too tiny to see anything anyway. Is there anyway to drain that fluid?
  2. I drive my 93 with 170,500 miles at least 120 miles a day for my job. In the summer I'll fire up the 79 and drive that around too. I don't even think twice about starting up my 93 and driving it 300 miles.
  3. That's odd. I didn't know there was such a thing as an 02 CTS. I thought they started them in 03.
  4. That wasn't the case for mine. My issue is off and on. Some days it will be fine and read the light normally, but sometimes it will think it's dark out all the time. It's immpossible to read the navigation and instrument cluster on a sunny day with the lights on. I've just learned to deal with it. If I shut the twilight sentinel off and drive around awhile, it seems to straighten out.
  5. You know...I had a 75 eldorado that had a 500 in it, but I sold the car a couple of years ago because I needed the money...I'm regretting that now.
  6. My 02 does the same thing. It doesn't always do it, just every once and a while.
  7. I'm going to be beefing up my 425 in my deville later this year and I need some links to people that sell products to beef them up. Are you able to stroke this engine? I've heard that the valvetrain should be beefed up if I want to start getting more power out of it, is this true? I really want this thing to pump out the power, but needs some help. Thanks!
  8. That's what I tought it was, but I didn't want to say anything if I was wrong. I'm going to get personalized licence plates on it, but I don't know what to get. My 93 has "CADYGUY" on it right now. I can fit 7 letters, numbers, or spaces on the plate. Any suggestions? Here are a few I thought of: "CADIGUY" "COUPDVL" "79 CADY"
  9. I didn't know it disabled the talk/end button. I probably won't be getting one on my STS then. I still will probably do it for my GMC though.
  10. You have Onstar in a '98 Eldo?? My 97 seville had an early version of onstar in it. I have a couple of older sales brochures from the 90's and they were starting it around 95 I believe. It was obviously a very primitive version, but it was still onstar. I would like to buy a couple of those bluestar things because I have onstar in my 02 seville and in my 2006 GMC and I don't have any plans to activate either one. I would like to use it for bluetooth though.
  11. Where did you find something like this? I'd like to have something like that!
  12. Cadillacs will do that! I remember the first time I took mine up to 120 (I stopped there because of the tires I had) and my arms were shaking I was so excited. I let my wife drive that car now because I get a little too excited driving it and try to race everbody. I have to drive a 4.9L to hold me back. Even then I get a little cocky. Dang Cadillacs and their fun cars!
  13. My Sixty Special has 170,000 miles on it and is a good strong runner. I have a clunk over big dips and when I would hit bumps on the highway, it would shimmy across the road. I thought maybe it was rear struts or stabilzer bar, but I figured it's got a lot of miles anyway so I just replaced the rear struts. Best thing I've ever done! That thing rides so nice now! The clunks are gone and it stays right down the highway! I'm so excited, it's so fun to drive now! Anyway, I just wanted to share my story just in case someone else is having a similar problem. PS. The struts were $100 from our AC Delco store here and fit perfect.
  14. I have a quick question, what exactly is an "x" pipe? I've heard of it a couple of times, but never knew what it was. I plan on beefin' this thing up in the summer. I know it's going to be difficult to get ahold of parts, but I really want to scare some people when I pull up in a "big old boat cadillac" and then blow their doors off. Any ideas where I can get ahold of some good performance parts for it? I'm also taking pictures tomorrow of it.