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1995 Deville

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My father-in-law has a 1995 Deville with about 125000 miles that has been a really good car. Earlier this week it developed a problem. It will start fine and idle fine. When placed in drive it will accelerate fine as long as the throttle is feathered. However, on most occassions when the throttle is opened up even a little more than feathered it will make all sorts of loud bangs and jerks (missed terribly). I thought maybe it was the fuel filter but it did not help to replace it. Wide open throttle (not every time but on most occasions) is impossible at this point.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Sounds like plug wires breaking down to me. Check for codes; here's how:


Write down all the codes, and make a note of which are "History" and which are "Current" and post them here. This will tell whether you have crankshaft or cam sensor issues. If the only codes are for engine miss, then plug wires or spark plugs are the most likely culprit.

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