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Aiming Headlights


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Hi all............

I've searched through my Eldorado service manual for guidelines for aiming the headlamps and come up with nothing. I can remember that years ago when headlights had regular convex sealedbeams, the garages used a box about the size of a shoebox that had leveling bubbles and adjusted the lights that way. I've seen mechanics have marks on the closed garage door or opposite wall to train the lights, but of course, all cars must vary in height and width.

:P I suppose I could use the honking and flashing method

Is there a formula such as "level and 5 degrees to the right" etc.?

Thanks in advance...

BTW...caddyinfo is a wonderful site that I visit whenever I'm online. It has a terrific cross section of contributors, both spirited and informative.

Take care.......

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I am not aware of any such formula. I just get my cars on the street in from of my house (pretty rural) or a parking lot will do and aim them so they light up the road well ahead of me but not so high as to light up trees or buildings ahead. you could also park another car several car lengths ahead and just aim for the back end being sure not to light up the rear window.

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At 25' the beams hot spot should be two in. lower that the headlights.

Just get a tape measure and park 25" from a wall on level surface. Put tape marks on the wall at the same hgt. as your headlights and aim them lower than the tape marks. Keep the horiz. aim in line with the car or just to the right.

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The Factory Service Manual for 1994 Cadillacs explains proper headlight aim adjustment in the Body Front End section beginning on page 10-5-20. (I assume the manuals for other years are organized in a similar manner and the information would be found in a similar location.)

Basically, when aimed at a wall 25' in front of the car, the low beam hot spots should be just below and to the right of a point directly ahead of the center of each headlight.

The manual also says that all states have requirements for headlight aim that must be followed. I would presume they are similar to the factory guidelines.


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Hi all......

Thanks for the advice for aiming the headlamps. My Service Information manual for the 89 Eldorado has section 8B-4 Lighting Systems and Horns and Headlamp Aim Adjustment. Then it says "Refer to headlamp aim adjustment instructions included in J-25300 and J-25300-203 tool kits." Since I haven't purchased the tool kit, I haven't been able to find instructions.

Common sense and your suggestions should allow me to get them aimed for safety and better vision.

Thanks again, :)

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