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This car came with Michelin Symmetry tires and at 55 k miles I don't even know if the are the first or second set.

They are in so so condition and I know they are not going to be good enough for a trip north this summer.

My question is just where do the symmetry line fit into Michelin's entire line? Have tried to look on the Tire Rack site and really can not figure this out.

All previous posts here seem to be about Piolet XGTs and XW4s. Where do the symmetry tires come in in this line up?

Since theese tires came with the car I have nothing to compare them with.

Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks to all.

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Check the following link. It is a Michelin site where you can compare different Michelin tires. The Symmetry seems to be better than the XW4 but I could not find the Pilots to compare to.


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After looking closer at the Michelin site it appears that the pilots are "performance luxury" and the XW4 & Symmetry are "traditional luxury" with the Symmetry being the better of the two. Couldn't figure out how they compare to the Pilots (maybe they don't, being in different class).

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The Symmetry is, in a word, mushy... Even at 35 PSI, the sidewalls don't have enough stiffness to avoid rolling over in hard cornering. They're good around town and great for highway cruising, but if you try to burn an apex with them, allow a little extra room on the exit, 'cause you'll have some push to contend with as the fronts lose grip. They're S-rated (113 MPH) if that matters to you.

If you want a more aggressive tire, I'd recommend Dunlop SP5000s. Z-rated (155 MPH), all-season, great grip, stiffer response... A bit on the beat-me-kick-me side, but they did me well on my '93 STS. Tread wear-wise, I got about 35K on average with a lot of hard launches. They're not cheap, maybe $120 or so each including all the hidden gotchas the tire dealers love to get ya for.

Speaking of which, most of the major retailers will match tirerack.com's price plus $15 or so for mounting, balancing, and such... Go to tirerack for your prices once you've made a decision and tell the dealer you want them to match the price. NTW does this, and a local chain (Town Fair) does it as well, I'm sure others do too. Be careful they don't slip in additional B.S. charges to pump the price up. If they say they can't honor the treadwear warranty if they don't do an alignment, tell 'em to stick it...


-Mark P.

Salem, MA

IPB Image

"Refined Sugar" - '96 SLS, 175K

"...the Caddy is dedicated to relentlessly -- and comfortably -- converting time into distance." -J.J. Gertler

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Tom and Karen, I was told by BJs that the Symetry replaced the terrible XW4. If you want a Michelin tire with white walls the Symetry is the only tire that has them. Go to this link to see the various tire ratings, you will note that Michelin still lists the XW4


I have the XW4 on my 96 Deville, and they are not too good in wet weather, which is what Michelin says giving them a 4 out of 10 for wet conditions. The Symetry gets a 7 out of 10, and when you look at the tire and see the deep channels on it, you understand why. At some point I need to buy tires, given that this cruise ship has white walls already, I was leaning toward the Symetry myself, as putting black walls on it to me is like wearing sneekers with a tux...lol.. Anyway, I have noticed that many new Devilles have black walls and I probably will go with the Hyrdoedge in blackwall that gets outstanding ratings, see the ratings here http://michelinman.com/catalog/tires/Miche...retype=1&tire=0

Cut and past that link if you have to. Good Luck and have a great trip where are you headed this summer, last summer was upstate NY? Mike

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In the front of my caddy I got the WeatherWise ones and they are brand new, just came on the car. When I test drove the car It had vogues at four corners and it did not break traction. With the Michelin WeatherWise, I made a 25ft peelout in my front driveway (Parents were pissed).

My opinion is stay away from the weather wise if you want great dry traction. Otherwise for a good all around tire w/whitewall or not im pretty happy with them, just wish I still had the vogues.

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