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I read the original article in Car and Driver in 1999, and it did have pictures. The article was a little longer with the typical C&D sauciness; they called the rear engine a "Southstar" for example, and I don't see such in this link so it is abridged.

The people in FL have a web site and still offer the dual-engine upgrade. I expect that they would do the same for an STS. There is a press release dating to 2000 about a 300/300 hp version that they offered for sale in 2000.

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a long time ago a company called Grant did the same thing with a '66 Toronado, they had 770hp!

sometimes i wonder if there are any original ideas left in the world.

can you imagine the nightmare of the head gaskets going on that eldo, how long would it take to timesert both motors

the Grant Toro didn't have to alter the bodywork, they got the motor in the back and managed to shut the trunk, but they did have to put the rear motor north-south though and make an input shaft to connect the tranny

edit is trying to post a picture but it kept messing around and i decided to remove it

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People do some crazy things..

One guy I've spoken with claims that he knows how to put a second motor in the trunk and get the power to the wheels via hydraulic fluid lines.


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