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1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham


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Prior to the car sitting for awhile, did it crank/start? Is the "PASS KEY FAULT" light on after you attempt to crank the engine"? Check the maxifuse #3 and the instrument panel fuse #24. If the battery and solenoid terminals are clean and tiche, check the voltage at the yellow wire (the starter solenoid terminal) while a helper holds the ignition key in the start position - there should be 12 volts at the yellow wire.

Check to see if any trouble codes stored - Simultaneously press and hold the OFF and WARMER side of the temp rocker. After the segment check, -00 will be displayed. That is the "pointer". Pressing OUTSIDE TEMP will toggle between the pointer and the trouble code. Use the FAN UP/DN to increment/decrement the pointer.

Pointers -00 thru -04 contain the trouble codes. Current codes are two digits and history codes have three digits with a "1" as the first digit. The second and third digits are the trouble code. For example 32 would be a current code and 132 would be the same code although a history code.

Post back any trouble codes that are stored - they may point in the direction of the trouble.

'93 Fleetwood Brougham
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