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Eldo vs CTS

calif phil

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I was looking at replacing my wife's 2000 Eldorado with a used CTS but I am not familiar with them at all and was wondering what you guys can tell me about the CTS cars. We have had excellent luck with our Eldo and it still runs and looks like new even with 135000 miles. I am not sure the about the CTS and would appreciate hearing about them. Are the two different engines both holding up well? Do they have a timing belt? She doesnt care about performance but I wouldn't want the smaller motor if it is a slug. Is this the same motor that was used in the Catera?


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The first year of the CTS had the same 3.2 V-6 as the old Catera. I think 2004 was the first year of the 3.6. (Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong.) I test drove a Catera years ago and found it to be a nice car, but kind of sluggish at lower speeds. I think the CTS is a way better car. Bruce has a blog on his CTS. I think the CTS is the best sedan that Cadillac currently makes.


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CTS changes year by year:


I recommend a 04 or after with the 3.6L engine.


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