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GM Card bonus cash

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I had gotten a GM Mastercard after I bought my previous CTS. The idea behind the GM card is that you earn bonus dollars toward purchase of a new GM vehicle based on 5% of charges on the card. http://www.gmcard.com

I know, once can argue that a card with a lower interest rate, or one that simply turned back cash would be more beneficial, but my card has a cool imprint of an XLR on it, and I pay it off each month anyway.

Also note that if you get GM supplier or employee pricing, then there are issues with combining GM card earnings with those discount programs. In that case I understand that there is some other card with a lower % accumulation which can be combined.

One interesting feature of the GM Card program to me however was that I had read they sometimes make plus-up offers. For example, this week in the mail I got an offer from my GM card to plus up my current GM card earnings of $1,xxx by $1K against a variety of new GM cars including 06/07 Cadillacs. I note a further restriction is that you still cannot go over the total card cash limit for that type of car; for the CTS for example the current allowed limit is $2K; this is true for most Cadillacs most of the time.

When GM was holding a huge overstock of the 350hp GTO's after the 400hp and styling upgrade the next year, they were plussing up and allowing up to $5K in card earnings. People were getting amazing deals on those first-year GTO's, like 17K paid for a 35K sticker by combining gm card savings, dealer cerificates, and invoice pricing.

The same GM Card offer also notes 25% off GM accessories if installed by the dealer at the time of purchase or lease of the new car.


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Funny you post this, I was considering getting one mainly as my gas card, makes it easy rather than going inside to pre-pay. I too would pay it off at the end of the month.

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