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Pulse Width Problem?


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For the last few weeks i have been getting funny readings on my DIC. Heres a little history. My gas gage is broken (works till i get low) so i always go by my Trip or Gals used. Since i have bought the car (3 yrs ago) it has always been on the money for how many gal i put in vs what the DIC says i have used. Here lately it has been off by as much as 1.5 gals when filling up w/ 13 gals. The MPG is about the same ( i monitor it constantly on the highway) maybe a 1 MPG off from whta im used to but that maybe the weather here. My question is what do you guys think is the problem? I dont smell anything when i turn the car off (leaky anything) nor is it the pump i use (have tried 3 diffrent stations with same results) Could i need new injectors. I do have a few codes coming up and have hard starts on cold mornings (i will post codes latter). Any help please, i would like to catch this before it gets worse.



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My 96 STS was always a gallon off between the fuel used calculation and what I could fit in the tank on fillup. I did not consider it a problem so much as just kept up with it. The fuel used calculation counts the number of times the fuel injectors are opened to arrive at the fuel usage; I suppose slightly higher usage than shown indicates a SLIGHTLY leaking injector, or perhaps slightly higher fuel pressure than expected?


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I'm not sure of your question, but with the fuel gauge not working correctly and the hard starting on cold mornings, it sounds like the fuel pump "module" is going bad. The hard starting in the morning is the pump not having enough pressure, it takes some cranking to build up the correct pressure. (I replaced my '97 sts) fixed problem. The module also has the float that tells the gas guage what amount of gas is in the tank.


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