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Base Sound System vs. Bose


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Is the factory Bose sound system that much better than the basic non-Bose system? I have a base Eldorado which doesn't have Bose. Though it seems the basic sound system is not bad even by today's standards. However, if I want to upgrade would it be better to upgrade the OEM sound system to the factory Bose system or would it be better to simply upgrade the speakers and install a trunk mounted CD player?

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I haven't heard the standard system. What I can tell you are the essentials:

  • The cost of the upgrade fro the 1994 model year was $994.00.
  • The standard system is a top-notch traditional radio system with lots of speakers.
  • The Bose system uses active speakers with something like acoustic wave bass in the doorr speakers.
The Bose system is better than most living room hi-fi setups and has a cassette and CD player. If you get a later model, digital signal processing and the trunk-mounted 12 CD changer are availalbe as upgrade options.

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I'm not sure about the older systems, but I can tell you that the Bose system is a HUGE improvement over the standard system in the 99 STS. I also have rented a 2005 STS and a 2006 DTS and find the difference just as huge in the newest systems. The STS had the 15 speaker Bose surround sound and the DTS the standard system with XM radio.


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