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I can read but I don't understand what my Helms manual says.

I ran through the pcm codes and there was a SO44-history. Can anyone tell me why, and do i need to worry or keep my eyes open for something particular?


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First, from my viewpoint Cadilac Service Manuals are very difficult to read.

This is my understanding.

1. Under certain conditions you want the suspension to be in the stiffest mode.

2. The PCM is moditoring the car speed, acceloration, throttle opening etc.

3. Under certain conditions like rapid acceloration, high speeds, it sends a signal to the RSS computer.

4. When the RSS computer recieves this signal it puts all 4 wheels in stiff mode.

The SO44 circuit is the signal fromt he PCM to the RSS.

S044 states that you have a problem with the signal between the PCM and the RSS.


Without this signal nothing will happen. You will not have the advantage of having the suspension in hard mode when you are driving at high speeds etc.

You can make an argument that it is safer to have the suspension in hard mode in certain situations. In turn, you can say this is a safety issue. You can make the same argument for cars that only have soft suspensions.

Vince P

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Clear the codes from the DIC and see if it comes back, and how soon. You may get a DIC message "Stability reduced" when the error is seen.

The Seville is rated at, and governed to, 130 mph. When the suspension doesn't work right, the PCM governs the speed at 90 mph. Think about it -- would you like to be riding in the back see of a 1954 Buick going 130 mph? Or, would you rather that it was an SLS with no suspension codes?

Perhaps that doesn't seem relevant. However, your car is a Seville, not a 1954 Buick. You can have a better ride than the old Buick with world class handling with the Seville computer-controlled suspension, and you bought and paid for it.

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