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92 eldorado...ebrake release not working


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Well, I'm not sure if yours is the same as my 93, but if I shift into gear, the E-brake releases itself. There is also a small little metal tab way up by the pedal itself if this fails. If you flip that and the pedal still doesn't come up, then your cables or rear brakes themselves are stuck.

This is quite common on vehicles that the previous owners did not use the E-brakes on a regular basis. My rear caliper was hanging up on mine when I first bought it. I had to keep working it on/off for some time. It rarely sticks on now...

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the e-brake on my 92 eldo does not release by itself anymore, I have isolated the problem to be the actual vaccum powered release itself, and not a leak somewhere. But, since I rarely use the e-brake, I haven't fixed it yet...looks like it would be a big pain in the rear. I just use the manual release.

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I had a problem with the e-brake pedal not fully coming up, after placing the car in gear. I had to then lift the pedal up with my toe so that the warning light would turn off.

The parking lever mechanism on the rear brake caliper was sticking, due to corrosion. I removed the lever return spring with a pair of pliers, used brake cleaner on the parking brake mechanism, wire brushed off the corrosion, used more brake cleaner. Then, after wire brushing and carefully sanding off corrosion on the return spring, I applied a light coat of synthetic brake lube (Permatex Ultra Disc lube) on the bottom of the spring and then reinstalled it onto the return lever. I then worked the parking brakes several times manually to ensure proper release.

Now, the parking brake works beautifully and the pedal "pops up" with full force upon gear selection, like new. No more required lifting with my toe.

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