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Automatic Level Control (ALC)


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I have a '96 Fleetwood. As of the last two days it's been riding like a garbage truck. The rear is up and suspension stiff. Apparently the Automatic Level Control ALC is not working. The small compressor does not seem to cycle. The three fuses - NO. 13 & 26 inside and the 30amp fuse under the hood are all good.

Are there any switches that turn on/off this system, or error codes I can retrieve on the dash, or wires I should look for that may have come lose?

And, most important, will it harm anything to drive it this way? Would it be like driving my wife off a cliff if she takes it for a 600 mile trip this week-end with her mother?? Will I at least get the car back?

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.


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Pull the DTC's first. It won't hurt anything to drive it like that. Check the link arm under the rear end from the axle to the body. It is what activates the compressor. Maybe it is binding or rusted in the "lift" position.

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Check the level sensor on the rear suspension arm to make sure it is still connected to the frame. The exhaust valve on the compressor may be defective.

The compressor is mounted behind the driver's front fender down low. You might try disconnecting the air line and let the rear shocks bleed off and then reconnect it and see how it behaves.

When you start the car, you should see a green "LEVEL RIDE" light in the upper corner of the instrument panel - that will illuminate when the compressor runs.

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