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Should I buy a Seville

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I am considering buying a Seville STS or SLS 2002 to 2003. I am concerned about all the reports of poor fit and finish, electrical problems, vibration, etc. I do a lot of highway driving in poor weather conditions. The Seville looks great, is affordable, and gas mileage is okay. But, I am concerned about constant repair costs. Did Cadillac improve quality by the 2002 model year?

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Welcome, glad you found Caddyinfo.com

You can check fit and finish when you shop the car. The FWD Seville is particularly good in poor weather, although one could argue that the 2005+ all wheel drive Seville would be as good or better.

Quality has improved every year, and Cadillac's 4 year quality results are among the best in the industry. When buying a used car everything depends on the condition of the car and how it has been treated and maintained.

My advice would be to shop for a 03/04 certified used Cadillac so that you have some extended warranty cushion also. My favorite way to repair any car is under warranty.


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I was going to say that the "quality" of any car, especially a used car, is usually a result of prior ownership and maintenance. Any car can last virtually forever if maintained well. And don't go by others' judgements on what is good or isn't. Make that decision for yourself. If you like the car and how it drives, who cares what someone wrote about it in an article?

I have over 150k miles on my 1997 model and drive it every day. It's been incredibly reliable. And my monthly payment is $0. It would take a LOT of failures on the part of the car for it to pay off, so to speak, to own something newer. For all the new cars my parents have bought in the past (I haven't bought any), they very rarely had to rely on the new car warranty...and of course, you don't get your money back when you don't use the warranty.

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