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Installing a 2006 radio in an 02 Deviile

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The '06 DTS radio is COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE with the '02 Deville electrical system.

The '02 vehicle (same up through and including M.Y. '05) uses a "Class 2" serial data communication network, and the radio is connected to this network. For M.Y. '06, the Class 2 system was dropped, and it was replaced with a communication system known as "GMLAN" (which is actually the GM version of a system more widely used in the global auto industry, known as CAN -- Controller Area Network). Essentially, the older and newer radio styles "speak" completely different languages. Furthermore, neither radio can be made functional separate from the serial data network, which is integral to the vehicle, so there can be no swapping of the radios.

Theoretically, someone could fabricate a "gateway" module that could translate Class 2 messages to GMLAN and vice versa, but I am not aware that anyone has made such a device, or that it would be practical in any case. Also, even if you could make the '06 non-Bose DTS radio function with the Class 2 network in your '02 vehicle, it would not be compatible with the existing audio amplifier in your vehicle; you would need the "matching" amplifier from the '06 vehicle, and this would require extensive wiring modifications to the '02 vehicle in order to install it. Finally, I know for a fact that the '06 radio's mounting design is completely different from what is used for the '02 radio; an intricate custom bracket would be needed to mount the later radio in the earlier vehicle.

In summary, the radio retrofit that you are contemplating is TOTALLY IMPRACTICAL. :(

If you really want MP3 playback capability, the easiest solution that I can think of is to use a portable MP3 player with a cassette adapter (if your existing radio has cassette playback), or with an FM modulator. Alternatively, you could trade in the '02 Deville on an '06 or '07 DTS! (I work for GM, so that would be my preference -- we've got to move the merchandise! :lol: )

BTW - For M.Y. '06+ the model name is just DTS -- the Deville name has been dropped.

Good luck!

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