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sts performance

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And you'll likely get an argument on the K&N.

Stand by, here it comes . . . . .


Warren :P

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K&N = Kill and Negate

Kill the engine and Negate performance

They let alot of dirt through and then they clog.

Good Answer!

Pre-1995 - DTC codes OBD1  >>

1996 and newer - DTC codes OBD2 >> https://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/gm/obd_codes.htm

How to check for codes Caddyinfo How To Technical Archive >> http://www.caddyinfo.com/wordpress/cadillac-how-to-faq/

Cadillac History & Specifications Year by Year  http://www.motorera.com/cadillac/index.htm

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What they said. Though, if you are going to rig up a similar cold air system, it's worth it. I'm looking at the green filter setups the 'vette guys use, supposed to have better filtration with smiliar flow rates.

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