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134a leaking out


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Not a caddy question, but it's my 2nd car a late 2002 Chevy venture . AC didn't work this spring. I put 3 cans of 134a oil,leak test, and refrigerant. for about 2 or 3 weeks AC worked, but I had a small green puddles forming under the passenger side AC radiator I was able to loosten the AC radiator & discovered there are no fittings etc where the leak is. what do you all suggest. It looks like it'll be tough to remove the AC radiator. Since it's such a small leak, I was thinking some sort of epoxy might work if it's on the tank portion of the radiator. if I need to replace the radiator, where is a good place to order one. also what special gaskets, sealer do I need when I remove the AC fittings (if I need to go this route). I have never replace AC componants. THANKS

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The condenser (it looks like a radiator) has a leak - don't attempt to seal it with epoxy or any snake oil A/C sealer - it must be replaced. www.gmotors.com or www.rockauto.com has GM parts at wholesale prices. I think the condenser on those vehicles was redesigned at some point.

You will need new o-rings at the fitting connections and some PAG-150 refrigerant oil.

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