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Tire Preessure

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The sticker on the inside end of the driver door gives what the factory recommends.

I try to keep all tires the same pressure and above 30 psi.


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Depends on the tire and on what you are trying to achieve.

If your car came with W or Z rated tires and you plan to do a sustained "Top Speed" test... Pump them all up to at least 38 PSI.

If you are looking for a soft cushy ride around town and don't car about mileage or tire life, run them at a droopy 25 PSI

Normal "Factory recommended" pressure (at least on my '02) is 30 PSI.

If your car suffers from the 68 MPH vibration... and you are too cheap to have them road forced (or the tires are to old to warrant it) Run them a little "harder" this helps a little with the vibration...


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I have the vibration, but my tires a getting a bit worn, so I won't have them RFB'd. I'll try the higher pressure and see if that helps. I keep them at 34 all around. If I go to 35 or 36, the TPM will say that the tire pressures are too high when they warm up.

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Take note on vehicles that have the tire air pressure monitor system. This system sets off a warning if a tire gets below 25 or above 38. I had my tires set at 36/35 when I had them installed, as the tires heat up they gain pressure. At 36 front cold they would jump to 39 while driving and show a warning in the dash. I'm dropping my pressure trying to stay under the limits.

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My '97 calls for 30/30. Over many sets of tires, 30 on the front really produces a lot of edge wear, but 30 on the back is pretty good (so the wear never evens out with rotations). I keep my fronts at 36 and the rears at 31. Better fuel economy with this also.

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