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Logan's Hail Damage


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The last post I could find from Logan about hail damage was in early May!

Have I missed something or is the car still not done?

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No, you didnt miss it. Car was repaired....much to my amazement...

New hood, new decklid, new pass side fender, new taillight, new rear plate housing.

The passenger side was wasted. "traditional materials" were used on the passenger doors and both rear quarters.

"PDR" was done on the roof (paintless dent removal). I am very impressed with the PDR. Basically you cannot tell the roof was ever hit...it even has the original paint. I can understand PDR with 5-6 hail dents...I cannot understand how 200 dents can be fixed....but it was...

Bottom line...$8200 bucks body repair + $600 car rental +$8800.

Personally...I owe less then that on the car. It maybe would have been cheaper to pay me off...and sell the car off at auction for $5-6K. My cost was $250. Comp covered the damage.

The nice gig out of this...the car now has a real DTS hood...no hood hole...rare..

I added a picture of the original hail damage to the decklid. Its very hard to see...but look at the reflection of the house on the decklid...the damage then becomes clear...now imagine 2/3 of the car looking like this...

Now...imagine the roof looking exactly the same as the decklid picture. Today the roof looks perfect.


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More fav pics.............


Another FAV....the roof repaired with PDR...




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