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What is this?


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OK- bear with me.

Under the grey engine cover- the cool one that has the caddy emblem and Northstar on it, there is a big black thing with humps or arches. <_<

The plug wires run over it and the fuel rail runs around it. OK...

In the end of it, next to the power steering pump, (passenger side) under the last "hump" is a little flat "plate" or "plug" about the size of a golf ball- in fact, if this thing wasn't there, you could probably stick a gold ball in the end of it! This thing has a orange colored seal or gasket around it.

OK- if by some miracle you know what I'm talking about, read on.

I tried to start my car, and as soon as it fired up, I heard a "pop". Sounded just like a Black Cat firecracker! Then I saw a bit of white smoke that smelled just like cigarettes coming from this spot. Then the car just sorta turned over like a car sounds when you get a plug wire on the wrong plug. (spin-spin-cough, spin-spin-cough...)

When I took a closer look, I saw that little orange seal, kinda hanging out. It ain't where it's supposed to be anyway. It looks like it is supposed to be around the perimeter of this little "plate" and has slipped off about halfway around it.

If that makes any sense- please tell me what that is, and what do I do with it. :huh:

Thanks for trying to read this-


OK- here's a picture:


Here's another:




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That is a pressure relief valve to protect the intake manifold from "positive" pressure (as in backfire). Normal intake system vacuum holds the valve closed and sealed against the material you described. Sounds like a new seal is in order.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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With that seal out of place like that, you have a vacuum leak, and I would suspect a high idle. If you were to open that "flat plate" while the engine is running, it will act just like a throttle. With the engine off, try to pull open the valve. You may be able to reseat the gasket.

BTW, the "black thing with humps" is the intake manifold.

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What if the thing is stuck OPEN??

I don't know if the gasket has just gotten the way and it is keeping it from closing or what? Should the car crank with it like that?

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