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CTS-V Suspension part numbers

Bruce Nunnally

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Hmm, the CTS-V uses different spring, shocks, sway bars, and wheels/tires than the CTS. The CTS "Sport" suspension is code FE3. The CTS-V is code FE4.

A stock CTS Sport does 0.83 on the skidpad. The CTS-V has tested at 0.87-0.9g on the skidpad tests I have seen. So after I get more budget, setting up my CTS suspension link a CTS-V might be fun, and apparently not that expensive.

CTS-V Front shocks (w/ springs): 89047658

CTS-V Rear shocks (Nivomat self leveling): 25752922

CTS-V Front sway (w/o bushings): 25752682

insulator for this bar is P/N 25752683 (2 required per bar)

CTS-V Rear sway (w/o bushings): 25762623

insulator for this bar is P/N 25762624 (2 required per bar)

AND need to update to 2006 limited slip differential from the sport model.

The CTS-V one has 3.7:1 gears vs 3.42:1 in the CTS, so need the CTS one.

In trunk, on under side of spare tire cover is a list of all the options on the vehicle. All axle options are in the Gxx series.

GU6 Axle, Rear 3.42 Ratio

G80 Axle, Rear Posi-traction (Limited Slip)


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