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Just a brief note on how registration works. If you are currently a Member or a Supporter or Subscriber, you're all set. This note is targeted at the Guests who have not registered yet, or the Validating Members who are not sure what they are waiting on.

When you click on register, and fill in the registration form, the site sends an email to the email address you list. It also sends me an email to let me know you have registered.

If you have spam blocking or filtering enabled, the site validation email may go to a bulk mail or spam folder, so you may need to look in those folders within your mail program.

To validate your account, there is a link in the email you need to click on. You have to validate your account via this email confirmation to complete registration.

Once you have validated, your registration goes into a queue for me to review your registration info. Assuming it all looks good and consistent, I approve your registration and you become a Registered Member of the site. Registration is free.

If you choose to become a CaddyInfo Supporter, you can click on "My Controls" then "Purchase Paid Subscriptions",and choose either $20/year, as a Supporter, or $10/month, as a Subscriber.

The advantages of becoming a Supporter or Subscriber are:

a) You provide direct support to help with Site costs

B) You get access to Supporter only forums, like the ability to post an ongoing thread about your Car in the Supporters forum.

c) You can upload larger images, and get longer time to edit posts.

d) You get a Supporter icon next to your name

e) Supporters/Subscribers can choose to see only content, or opt-in to see other info.


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