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Center Cap Enhancement


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My Eldo has the optional chrome plated aluminum wheels with a basically smooth convex surface, 14 holes around the perimeter and chrome steel center caps. The caps have the Cadillac wreath and crest stamped into the center.

I think the wreath and crest would look sharp if I painted them black. My idea is to mask the background as well as practical, spray the recessed design with black Rustoleum, remove the masking, and then wipe the surface of the cap with a laquer thinner soaked paper towel to remove the excess paint and leave the wreath and crest as black linework on the chrome background.

I'm curious if anybody has done this. What is the best way to clean and prep the recessed design so the paint will stay put? Is Rustoleum a good choice of paint?

Any other tips you might offer would be appreciated.


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I tried out the "Blackened" CCE. I used a toothbrush and simple-green to clean it first. Then I blackened it with a Sanford Sharpie permanent marker pen. It looked OK, but I returned it to stock by removing the black with alcohol. I wax (Meguiar's #20) my wheels and caps, and didn't want to play around with wax residue on the black. Now, I just remove the residue with a toothbrush.


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