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evapator inlet temp sensor open ciruit "B1314 code"


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ive just installed a new compressor on a 97 caddy eldorodo..the message panel says that i had a B1314 code and it will not erase ..the compressor will not come on and it still says that compressor is off and needs service..

it has not taken in any freon other than what ive put in to start the system ...ive removed all the codes and this B1314 comes right back ..ive cked at the dealer for a part by this name and there is none .but they do say that they have a freon temp sensor ..what is the likey hood that this is the same part ...any help would be great and thanks to all for any and all help ..

thanks guys and girls

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Check the connection at the sensor - If it appears OK, then unplug the sensor and jump the harness side. If the code switches to the "Evap inlet temp sensor shorted, the sensor is bad and must be replaced.

Did you remove the orifice tube? If so, you may have inadvertentaly installed it backward and damaged the evap inlet sensor. The long end of the o-tube faces the condenser and the short end toward the evaporator.

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