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Another question about AC and compressor


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I have a 93 Eldorado where the 'Low Refrigerent' message shows up now and then.

It has the old R12 and as there is no R12 to find in Sweden where I live so I have to convert to R134.

I can see some oil around the compressor - coming through the clutch so probably the seal is leaking.

I am going to replace the dryer with a new one as well as all possible reachable O-rings for R134.

But I have a question about the compressor (car has 46000 miles on it) - is it possible to change

the seal with a good result (price around $45) or should I buy a new compressor ($245 to 400)?

It seems quite simple to replace the seal when I read the shop manual but how is it in reality?

Thanks/ Jan L.

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If you have the tools to do it yourself, it is a fairly straightforward job. If you have to hire it done, you will have a lot of trouble finding a tech that doesn't want to just replace the compressor.

If the oil/grease is just at the front hub and not all over the compressor body, it is probably a shaft seal. I would recommend a leak check first to positively identify the source of the leak. If it is just the shaft seal, use the GM double lip seal - it will seal much better than the original single lip seal. I think the GM part no. is 2724954 and the AC Delco # is 15-30948 but confirm that with the dealer.

You need to have all the tools that the shop manual recommends - especially the shaft protector - if you do not use the shaft/seal protector, the threads on the shaft will ruin the new seal.

If the compressor is leaking along the case, replace the compressor.

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Thank you KHE,

Although I do not have the tools I will try to find out something or try to copy

them according to the pictures. I am pretty shure that it's only the seal that leaks

as most of the grease is around the clutch area. I will order the kit from the parts supplier here

in Stockholm.

I hope I will testdrive the new swedish built Cadillac BLS -it is a Saab or Opel bottom

with a very CTS-like body - can be equipped with the 255 hp Holden V6 engine 2.8 litre.

It is said to be extremely quiet - would be nice to have such a car.

/Jan L

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Go to cadillac-bls.com

or use google search for 'cadillac bls' - that will give you some info

and 'seriouswheels.com'

/Jan L.

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