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You didn't say if these were present codes or if they are history codes.

If they are present codes, it's not too likely these are true faults that occurred at the same time and it's most likely a ground connection problem.

Before you do anything, take the battery terminals off and pull the rubber boots so the cable ends are visible. Make sure they are clean. Also check the battery ground lead where it is bolted to the engine.

When lots of codes (active) pop up at once, it's wise to check the battery ground terminal.

If the terminals need cleaning, do this first then clear the codes.

Let us know what you find.

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Ok here goes...

PC 0603

PC 1571

PC 1602

PC 1644

RS 0038

PZ 1152

PZ 2042

RF 2560

1996 ETC


PC0603 - PCM memory reset - Battery was probably unhooked.

PC1571 - Traction Control System PMW Circuit no frequency

PC1602 - Loss of EBTCM Serial Data

PC1644 - Delivered Torque Output Circuit

I do not have a 1996 shop manual so that is all I can interpret. It appears to be a traction control electrical problem. What are the symptoms? Clear the codes and drive it and see what comes back. Note what is "current" or "history".

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