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EGR valve removal and s/s fuel rail


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Because of a P0404 code, I would like to clean the EGR valve on my 97 SLS (40K miles). One of the two bolts for the EGR valve passes through the tab for the stainless steel fuel rail. To remove this bolt, do I need to lift/remove the fuel rail, or can I gently push the tab toward the front of the engine bay, relying on the slight flexibility in this part of the tubing?

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You will need to unseat the back 4 injectors to lift the fuel rail clear of the EGR stud. To do that, you'll also need to disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel rail.

The next time I need to do that job, I am going to fabricate a spacer and use a bolt so that I can loosen the bolt, remove the spacer, and then pop up the EGR valve. Instead of an hour job, it will be a 5 minute job.

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