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Child Seat - installing tether anchor bolt


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I want to install a tether anchor bolt onto the rear pacel shelf to secure a child restraint seat.

I called a Cadillac dealer and they no longer have the tether bolt kits available for my 1994 STS.

Do any of you have a tether anchor bolt installed? I am particularly interested in where the factory specified bolt holes are located. If you can post a picture of the under shelf location, I'll really appreciate it. (There is a pre-drilled hole in the parcel shelf underside center, but I'm not sure if that is the right location, or if I'll need a reinforcing plate).


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I did not use the tethers in my car - the rear belts do just fine by themselves retaining the carseats. The kits were probably discontinued due to a very very low percentage of people using them. I would suspect that you'd need a reinforcing plate as the package shelf is a pressboard type material.

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