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4.6L VVT in a 97 ETC??


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Since I LOOOOOVE my Eldorado, and they discontinued them.. I'm thinking I'll be keeping this for a looong time. Therefore, I will eventually have to drop a new engine + tranny once I get to the 250k+ mark. I'm at 104k.. got a little bit. Anyways, to get to the point..

Would I be able to put the XLR engine into my Eldo? I believe the XLR is a RWD though, and my ETC is FWD.. will that cause a problem?

What about the 5.7 LS6 from the CTS-V?

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Yes, the new VVT NS's are only going in the RWD cars, and go in longitudinally, so that they won't be a good conversion back into the FWD cars. Not to say that it can't be done -- anything can be done with sufficient insight and effort. But certainly not a simple conversion.


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