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Replacing FPR


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How hard is it to replace the Fuel pressure regulator on a northstar. Isn't it connected to the fuel rail above the manifold? I think it has a little clip to pop out.

I'm just about to do mine on a 1996 El Dorado - it looks as easy as you suggest. Just a clip. I'm expecting some fuel to squirt as it depressurises, but that's it.

Other models have the FPR buried deeper and require more work...


1996 El Dorado

2006 STS

2000 Corvette

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Locate the valve to attach the fuel pressure guage. Looks just like a tire valve. Remove the cap and put a rag over it. Then press the valve (just like letting air out of a tire) to depressurize the system first.

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quick tip, when you pull the FPR out it should have a rubber "O" ring on the bottom, if not, its still in the hole.

I just used a pocket knife to get it out. The new one should have one on it or in the package.(I spent 5 min. trying to put the new one in before I realized <_< )

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