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93 Deville Keyless remote

93 Sedan

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Dear fellow Caddy owners,

I just replaced the batteries in my keyless remote (93 DeVille). Still works sporadically. :huh:

My question is this...where within the vehicle does the remote "talk" with to do it's job? Is there anything I need to do to that unit to make it work?

Many thanks,

93 DeVille

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Clean the printed circuit board copper contacts with rubbing alcohol. Simply rinse the rubber membrane under warm water; do NOT use detergent. You don't want to remove the conductive coating from the membrane.

As Ranger said, inspect closely for any bad solder joints.




Sometime back, someone actually remarked about a Cadillac TSB that suggested something like removing the trunk-mounted RKE module and placing an aluminum foil piece underneath it to improve antenna reception.

Dunno how 'legit' that is or exactly where your RKE module is, but a search might turn up something.

Regards again,


P.S. Did you know you can triple the range of your RKE by holding it to your chin?

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